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Exclusive items available at Cosmetic Fair 2013:
Eyebrows–LXB Striking Brows Black (NEW!)
Eyeshadow–KOOQLA Black Magic Eyeliner (NEW!)
Blush–Pink Acid Make Your Own Razor Blush (NEW!)
Lips with teeth–Pink Acid Mildred Lips & Teeth (NEW!)

Other items:
SkinPXL Sophia SK Pale Lips + PXL Sophia SK No Eyebrows layer (NEW! 25% off VIP sale, TP to VIP room from main store)
HairExile Crazy in Love
EyesIKON Ardent Clarity (NEW!)
EyelashesGaeline Mysteria
TattooPara Designs Venom
Collar–Mariposa Severus (not currently available, visit Amorous for other styles)
Body suitDucknipple Mesh: Bodysuit (NEW!)
[PXL] VIP 25% OFF for 48h

NOTE: After the original posting, the PXL VIP sale was extended for an additional 3 days, now active through Wednesday, 24 April.

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